Stages of recovery:

Overcoming denial


removing the sword of abuse


applying the Lord's healing balm

binding up the wound

Praying to be set free from csa bondages

Forgiving to neutralise bitterness

                                    or resentment.

   (  see the Forgiveness Project)

walking in the light

"Restore my soul"



After I disclosed my first memory, my first question was "What are the stages of recovery?


Links to potential stages of recovery:

     7 Steps of recovery from sexual abuse.

     The truth will set you free

     ( more to come )


Over time I found myself  developing different stages of recovery ( links above)

and even asking if there are stages of recovery.


In the end I  felt I am walking along my journey of recovery.

                 sometimes  surveying and cutting my path through the bush.


Spiritual Preparation.

I found repentance from sin to be a sure foundation.

    when God convicts me of my sin.

              ( His voice in my conscience )

   What is sin ?

                                however  repentance is not conforming to social norms

                                                                              or others expectations.

                              Paul warns us in Galations 5 v 1   best to read to verse 25  

                                  That Christ has set us stand firm in our freedom in Christ.

                                                  and not to be entangled in religous obligations

                                                         eg Christians are not required to be circumcised.   .



trusting in the Lord to light our path.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart

   and lean not to your own understanding

    in all your ways acknowledge Him

     and He will direct your paths"    Prov 3 verse 6

 a brother in Christ said

                                                               "recovery from sexual abuse is a sub section of sanctification"


One posability

is to adapt the AA 12 steps

except recovery from

       sexual trauma

 a recovering from

    what was done to us