As Christians

let us love one another.

we ought to be judged by our character

    ( Rev Martin Luther King Jnr )


  • ones race
  • ones sexuality
  • ones socio economic standing

Shame  based therapy or "ministry"  is  at best risky

     whilst some may respond

      other sink into depression

      shame risks robbing  the recipient of self respect

shaming is NOT conviction of sin leading to repentance.

    Those who do respond  out of pride  or self preservation

     often become legalistic

      having received no mercy, show no mercy.


Christian ministry, as I understand Christian ministry

is based on God's love and mercy and grace.

   shaming is  similar to judgementalism and condemnation.

"There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus"   Romans 8 v 1

   God is love

    God's perfect love casts out fear.

there is a better way ....

    1. To know God's love and mercy and grace.

    2. 1 John 1  states how a Christian should acknowledge sin

             and to confess our sin to find forgiveness.

because Jesus Christ died in our place

our sins are forgiven.

but let us fear God

let us be grateful that our sins are forgiven.

  the judgement that was on us was upon Jesus Christ.


let us love God

let us love God who first loved us. .