the teaching in Romans Chapter 6 to 8

       of dying to self and living for Christ.

      for which we need  God's grace after surrendering to Him

      ceasing our self effort and/ or our good works.

  "I am weak but He is strong.... yes, Jesus loves me.. the Bible tells me so"

suggestion for those of us who are wounded or offended

rather than numbing the pain (  which most of us have done)

           which is a natural response


 Ask the Lord to wash clean and apply His healing balm

to heal the wound.


  In the case of being offended

   lake it to the Lord


  Pray for healing of our broken hearts.


Devotional reading:

Psalm 25 verses 1 and 2

Psalm 31 v 17

         "let me no be ashamed"


  sometimes we wrestle with an issue.

  sometimes days, weeks, months or in my case decades.

             The Lord revealed to me a path this morning

              I struggle to write it out

here is my clumbsy start

    when what is used to numb the pain

                 becomes  an addiction

 followed by shame


   the possable path -  there are many senerios  to address   many unique stries


 What I am writing comes out of years of aganising over inner conflicts

     struggling to know what so say to Christians like me

I read of the shame of a gay student in a Church run school

    ( the context was the boy who shamed him was later found to be gay himself)

How many Christians feel shame  from smoking or drinking etc? 

     unlike sexuality these are choices, habits  laced with shame and guilt.


What can I share?

 I am grateful to a Christian friends who shared God's grace with me.

   and more recently the preaching of   Tullian Tchividjian at TheSanctuaryJupiter  on Facebook and You Tube.

The process of shame removal.

      analogy  - wash it of

      or if an abuser has dumped shame hand it back  ( imagine handing it back)  I never actually handed it back  

            I just said in my mind "it belongs to you" ( the evil doer)  who sinned against me. 

                                                                then and only then could I forgive   

                                                                                others are able to simply forgive,     

Scripture - the sharp two edged sword.

                    a weapon of our warfare

'There is therefore no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus"  Romans 8 v 1

trusting the Lord through our trials and afflictions and our weaknesses

   " All things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose..."        Romans 8 v 28


"  For freedom Christ has set us free

Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has set us free

     and do not get entangled in the yoke of bondage"        Galations 5 v 1

  It is subtle

                 the bondage Paul is talking about is legalism or law.

the law is our teacher

the law sets our boundaries

     the problem is that we sin = we fall short of keeping the law.

 Let us having received Christ live in Christ

         and Christ in us.

  There is a freedom is Christ without being willfull law breakers

      we lack the ability to keep the law.

            Galations 5 goes on to  outline the battle between the lusts of the flesh and the fruits of the Spirit.


 let us work out our own salvation   Philippians 2:12

    without laying burdens on the bretheren.

    or rules we cannot keep equilivants ourselves  due to respectable sins or secreat sins. 

May the Lord continue to lead us and guide us. 

    Continue in God's word

    Search the scripturs

Proverbs 3 v 6 Trust the Lord with all your heart.