Arrows and  lines contain choices 


God has given us

the capacity

to make moral choices.


  is a gift to

believers in

the Lord Jesus Christ.  


Moral Determinism is a term I invented myself whilst interacting on a certain forum.
The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines determinism as
"Theory that human action is not free but determined by motives regarded as external forces acting on the will"

The Social Sciences debate weather man's character is determined genetically or by the environment.

When I was at university I prayed about this fundamental question.
There is evidence to support both options.
However I felt the Lord replied to my question
that our character is determined by our reaction to our genetics and our environment.

The scriptures constantly exhort (strongly encourage with a degree of compulsion) to chose right.

The Lord gives a commandment
and then He tells us to make a moral choice to obey Him.

The whole message of creation
and redemption / salvation
is that we were created with a free will
and became under bondage through sin ( Genesis Chapter 3)
Jesus Christ came to pay the price , of death, for our sin, and to set us free.

hence my argument
that character is determined by our moral choices.

In the context of recovery from Child Sexual Abuse (csa,
I see so many bound by csa and its effects,
and am sadened that so many seem to love their sin more than they love God
so many mock the truth.
to"fear God and keep His commandments"

is a key to recovery.

wrong moral choices are a hinderance to recovery and freedom in Christ.

During Easter 2009 I was praying for a breakthrough in recovery
an increase in insight
On Easter Sunday night the Lord showed me the power of the resurrection .
that He breaks the chains
( see Isaiah 61 )
When we renounce csa ( child sexual abuse / trauma)   or adult sexual abuse 
When we repent of our wrong reactions
When we obey the Lord's commandments

we find freedom in Christ

I guess it's basically facing the consequences of our moral choices

I saw that opening myself up to God's judgement is a key to my recovery.

accomodating or excusing sin is not helpful.
I've seen men mock me, ridicule me, but being bound to their csa and the acting in and acting out of their painful memories. Some consider certain schools of secular psychology and new age thinking to be a way to survive or thrive.
I put it out in three forums I was on during 2008/9, where the rules are supposed to be mutual respect as we share our thoughts and journey,
that we are the product of our moral choices = moral determinism.

within days the Moderators of a forum for men who are surviving csa had banned me. At first they invited me to exchange emails
but they were imposing unacceptable conditions.
I refused to compromise
and as the email exchange progressed my relationship with the moderators (who it seems are mainly a part of the ruling class of American Psychologists) who abondoned the scientific method and have imposed their dominant school of thought. They have squashed academic freedom ( which is meant to be at the core of our western universities) and refuse to accept arguements based on different presuppositions to their own.

Sadly that forum was not condusive to developing a Christian based recovery model. The forums I was on demanded I respect others views, but I found my posts were either cut across or met with a hamering (as disctinct from reasoned arguement).
On another forum my desire for reparative counselling was met with a tyrade of abuse from a survivor / councellor.

I had complained that I felt betrayed by councellors who were were practicing
    undesclosed gay             affirmative counselling.
out of his bondage he obsessivly insisted on his school of thought
which justified his moral choices (in Biblical terms to be immoral)

He was so self absorbed that he had abondoned respect for the rights of others
he trampled over my freedom to chose godly moral choices.
was he blind ? perhaps

Should I have shared how Jesus sets us free from bondage when he said he "was born that way" ?
ideally - yes
but the forum moderator bearely tolerated me being in the forum as a Christian survivor and I was only allowed to say what works for me.

within two days of stating my need for reparative councelling the password was changed and i ws locked out.
being banned was seen as a badge of office amongst Christian members.
I am greatefull to the Christian brothers who emailed me and encouraged me.

I would like to clarify my position.
I have compassion for the deep hurts and trauma all survivors of csa have suffered. I am discussing presuppositions, patterns of thought, outlooks on life , different understandings of what constitutes recovery here etc.
Whilst mentioning certain reactions to the presentation of Biblical truth and emperatives I am not trying to be smart,
or put others down
there I would have gone for the grace of God
but that you, the reader may understand the dynamics of recovery.
I am persuaded that
Jesus Christ Is our answer.
our road to freedom lies in:
our salvation (John Chapter 3, Romans Chapter 3 )
and our healing and deliverance ( Isaiah 61)

I repent of my disobedience
so many times I felt the Lord leading me to focus on developing a Christian perspective to healing from csa.
I loved the forums - I loved the debate, I appreaced others insights
but the pervading negativity messed with my head
posts stirred up hurts in my memory and unresolved issues
finally I saw mocking, ridicule and bondage of certain participants confirmed the advice of three independant Christian brothers and I resigned from the third forum.

Should Christians be a part of such forums?
I found in my early stages of recovery it was helpful to be in a forum with men who survived csa to see that others went through csa too, I read labels of my reactions, my confusion was replaced with understanding, I processed my thoughts and my pain.
These forums need Christian participants. There are seekers there. There are hurting men asking for answers.
but when the negative influences drag us down or wear us down its time to leave.
As Christians we can argue our right to be in these forums
but not compromise basic and critical Biblical truths.

It is imperative that we do not exchange the truth of God for a lie. (Romans Chapter 1)

Biblical morality is our only defence against acting out
Sin is sin
regardless of the mechanism of the temptation or grooming or csa imprint.

effective deliverance and freedom and healing from csa is possable
but it requires a resoluteness
an unwaivering faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
and being brutally honest about temptation and sin.

that's why clearly states a set of presuppositions
as it's necessary for recovery.
I am happy to exchange emails with those with questions or doubts
but the pathway had to be clear. feel free to come to the forum

 God Restores Mens Lives  Forum.

a forum for Christian Men , over the age of 21 who are survivors of csa.

to discuss healing and recovery

you subscribe to Biblical presuppositions and moral determinism email your statement of faith and your desire for a Christian based recovery and indemnifing the forum
requesting your password.
Do note this is a ministry not councelling.
Participants would need to find a Christian Councellor and mentors.

Update 14.02.10

Moral determanism is intended to apply to points in our lives where we DO have a choice.

eg When facing a temptation - we chose to resist or give in.

now some gay men had genetic factors = no choice
but every human being has a choice of what we do with what we have

some men were sexually abused in childhood by a man
and the same sex sexual (negative) experience
left its imprint.
I didn't chose to be raped - I screamed NOOOO !
but it happened

I have made and make moral choices how I respond.

weather I act out or not is my choice unless I am bound by sin, demonic posession
or grooming.

The Christian message is that Jesus Christ has broken my chains
He sets me free
then , by His resurrection power I  am free to make moral choices.

Romans 1 could contain a subtle point

"they changed the truth of God for a lie"

theft, glutany, gossip, drunkeness are sins
many get saved and repent and grow in grace.

sodomy is a sin.
it should be dealt with the same as other sins.

Could it be that "exchanging the truth for a lie"
is exchanging the truth that sodomy is a sin
for a lie that it is an orientation from birth.?
and that nothing can change it ?
could it be the lie that those who comit acts of sodomy should be accepted as doing something normal?

permissive sex, adultary is sin - weather it be  other sex or same sex.

Do we accept theives. drunkards and say "your ok ?"

In the context of those with csa induced ssa

ssa is like alcoholism -  the potential to go back is always there
some will be insulted at this thought
but ssa is not a "special sin"
its sin like any other sin.- at the point of our  choices.

What's different is its hard to face its  identity and orientation and attaction issues.

some can't face it

some fear rejection and are in denial

the test is being honest about  acting out.

therefore moral choices relate to  :
   letting God say what is right and wrong
  our choices of if and how
     and the way we act out
     or fantacise in our heads

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