Some Issues:

Which includes:

  •  a theology of when we

               are sinned against.

  • hope in the place of despair
  • renouncing abuse .

Hope in God

    Psalm 42

"Why are you cast down

oh my soul

hope thou in God"

Previous attempts

to write

steps to recovery:

  • Original 8 steps
  • 7 Steps
  • adapting the AA

           12 steps


New Page Title

 I wrote a background of how I came from a counselllor in 1998 telling me "there are no steps to recovery"

to recording 8 steps on a Ministryline by 2000

to  conceptualising  a grid of issues


and a Grid of Issues for Christian Survivors


then A Multidimensional model

now I am integrating walking our path to recovery

with issues we may encounter along the way

using a multi dimensional model. not two dimensional not three dimensional but many dimensions.


"trust in the Lord with all your heart

 and lead not to your own understanding

 in all your ways acknowledge Him

 and He will direct your paths"  

                     Proverbs 3 v 6