One night 

when processing my trauma

I had a thought


"If we can be traumatised

we can be de traumatised"


  we call it trauma release 

look up

The body keeps the score" 

Trauma release for traumatised Christians

     We rightly attend to our soul and Spirit.   We seek to renew our minds ( Romans 12 v 1)

some see techniques used by what some call new age  and become averse.

    Is not God all knowing?

    Do not the scriptures say " we are fearfully and wonderfully made?" 

                I take this to mean  complex. 

Foundational scripture:

        "Perfect love casts out fear" 

sometimes people in the world see things we miss

 I say this in the context that people only see what God has put there.

   but they put their spin on it. 

my proposition is to use trauma release  therapies  prayerfully, looking to God for our recovery and healing.


1.   Music as therapy.    Singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs in Church or alone

            Glorifies the Lord

            and edcifies us

       to which survivors of trauma can add trauma release,

               which I have experienced during praise. 

  our Christian growth varies.  I share in case it helps. 

                 it's ok if  you don't experience such release  during Praise times. or hymn singing. 


2.    plain simple shaking off the trauma  - in private of course

                 it might be shaking our hands sitting or standing

                  for more severe trauma  ( excluding where there is physical injury )   I lay on my back on my bed   and shake my hands and feet.

               reference  for shaking it off  - Peter Levine

3.  E.D M R 

4. remedial massage or trauma releasing physiotherapy 

5.   E F T ( Tapping)    s in Emotional Freedom Technique.

          I found the Lord brought positive scripture to mind to counter "negative scripts"   or traumatic events. 

I apologise for writing concepts which are desirving of more detail

  with more scriptures. 


at this point this is an introductorary page.    

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