Clinical EFT  

         the science of EFT

Dr Peta Stapleton   writes

    "Mostly I am known for my research and clinical work in

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or ‘Tapping’).

I have been honoured to present on EFT at TEDx,

present for Gaia, write The Science Behind Tapping for Hay House,

consult on the Scientific Advisory Boards for The Tapping Solution,

Dr Joe Dispenza (Encephalon), the Mind Heart Connect Foundation,"


  I have seen EFT You tube videos and used my version of EFT

however I am pleased to see  researcher write of

  The Science of EFT  (Tapping)





My application::

Rev 3v23 foundation

  inviting Jesus into our hearts

and asking Him to restore our souls


In conjunction with

the ministry of the Holy Spirit

  • His comfort
  • Conviction of sin
  • renouncing the sin against me


tappping is the physiology

concurrent with our prayer

  asking the Lord

   to renew our mind  Rom 12 v 2

in the context of verses 1 and 2.


Everything should be in the context of


and growing in Christ.



EFT for Christans site

      explains the concept 

a few words why I find EFT a helpful trauma release ( my application)  therapy.

     EFT = emotional freedom technique or tapping

    Introduction.  since learning that trauma is stored in the body,,

I have looked into trauma releasing.

    I saw You Tube Videos of tapping and made my own adaption

           however I was concerned that practioners I found were new agie.

 I was pleased and relieved to find EFT for Christians.

I'm struggling how best to word this introduction.

Let's start with

'Trust in the Lord with all your heart..."  Prov 3 v 6

      In all things   test and prove

       Prayerfully adapt

Clinical EFT is very adaptable   It does explain the theory.

  Have a look at the introduction on EFT for Christians rather than relying on me to write up an introduction.

I have experienced God's grace in trauma being released from my body whilst praying.

        Now I have found Clinical EFT and EFT for Christians

  I am using it for myself to release sexual trauma in particular and trauma in general.

If you arn't comfortable with tapping or find it isn't for you or it doesn't work for you it's fine not to use EFT.

my aim is to share options to chose from.


Music is therapy -  especially during Praise

I was blessed to have had a remedial massager who  activated trauma release   ( such therapists are rare)

I continually discuss issues and questions as they arise with sexual assault support services


Whilst I  am progressing beyond narrative therapy

    I still have a Christian Counsellor and a psychotherapist


I value ongoing Pastoral Care  and prayer ministry .